Erik Withalm


My time in the Humboldt Fisheries Biology program and managing the Arcata Wastewater Aquaculture Project were invaluable in providing me with the skills and knowledge essential to succeed in commercial aquaculture. Post-graduation, I’ve worked at a clam and oyster farm in Humboldt Bay, operated a 150 acre koi and goldfish farm in South Carolina, and currently manage a state hatchery for the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife. I started working at ODFW’s Leaburg Hatchery in 2006, and have been the manager since 2011. With a $1 million annual budget, we raise 100,000 summer steelhead smolts for the McKenzie River and about 500,000 rainbow trout for stocking in over 25 waterbodies throughout the Willamette Valley. I have benefitted greatly from the resources available at Humboldt in developing technical and analytical skills which I apply every day. I am grateful to the faculty for their commitment to help students succeed and encouragement in pursuing my goals.