Fisheries Biology at Humboldt State

Our program is all about learning by doing. The nearby ocean, bay, rivers, and lagoons play an important role in your education, and resources like our on-campus fish hatchery and ocean-going vessel, along with passionate professors, give you cutting-edge knowledge and hands-on learning to help you excel in your career.

Program Overview

Our Bachelor of Science degree program explores the relationships between fishes and the habitats they depend on. 

You’ll choose between marine, freshwater, and aquaculture concentrations that will allow you to become knowledgeable and practiced in conservation, fishery management, water pollution biology, fish health management, and habitat restoration. We’re also home to the only Fisheries Biology program in California.


  • Aquaculture
  • Freshwater Fisheries
  • Marine Fisheries

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Minor in Fisheries Biology

Although a minor is not required for graduation, it will complement your studies and enhance your career opportunities by bringing fishes and their habitats to the forefront of your discipline.


Graduate Program

Humboldt offers a Masters degree with a Fisheries option. Graduate students enroll for at least four semesters of coursework, and must complete a research thesis and public thesis defense.

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Featured Alumni Profile

Jayme Yee, 2017

Lab Assistant UF IFAS Molluscan Shellfish Aquaculture and Restoration Laboratory, University of Florida

I work on various studies which integrate science with the Gulf's shellfish industry. Every day is different, working on our recirculating aquaculture system, working in our laboratory, working on shellfish leases, or preparing for our next experiment.

Career Options

Our graduates are known throughout the country for being highly prepared for the job market and have gone on to pursue a variety of careers.

Here are a few examples of career fields.

Aquatic Biologist
Environmental Specialist
Fish Culturist
Fish Hatchery Manager
Fish & Game Warden
Fisheries Biologist
Habitat Restoration Specialist
Marine Biologist
Marine Extension Agent
Research Biologist
Water Quality Advisor
Watershed Restoration Specialist