Andre Buchheister, Ph.D.

Current Research Interests

My research integrates ecological modeling, advanced statistics, fieldwork, and laboratory methods to answer both basic and applied questions in fisheries science. I specifically focus on four, interrelated research areas: 1) science in support of ecosystem based fisheries management, 2) structure, function, and drivers of fish communities and marine ecosystems, 3) trophic dynamics and predator-prey interactions, and 4) fish population dynamics.


B.S. Biology (Marine Biology concentration), 2002, Duke University
M.S. Marine Science (Fisheries Science concentration), 2008, College of William & Mary
Ph.D. Marine Science (Fisheries Science concentration), 2013, College of William & Mary

Courses Taught

FISH 260 - Fish Conservation and Management
FISH 460 - Advanced Fish Conservation and Management
FISH 458/558 - Fish Population Dynamics
SCI 100 – Becoming a STEM Professional
STAT 333 - Linear Regression Models / ANOVA
STAT 406/506 – Sampling Design and Analysis
STAT 410/510 – Modern statistical methods

Current Graduate Students

Name Thesis
Jason Shaffer
Alex Juan
Claire Stuart


* denotes graduate student

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