Andrew Kinziger, Ph.D.

Current Research Interests

  • Application of high-throughput sequencing to conservation and management of fishes
  • Use of environmental DNA in water samples to monitor distribution and abundance of fishes
  • Use of genetic data to make inference into the ecology and evolution of fishes, including divergence in adaptive and neutral traits, genetic stock identification, invasion genetics, and riverscape genetic structure
  • Research spans a broad taxonomic range, including salmonids, cyprinids, tidewater goby, catostomids, Cottus, and other freshwater and marine fishes


B.S. Environmental Science, (Computer Science Minor), 1996, St. Norbert College
M.S. Applied Ecology and Conservation Biology, 1998, Frostburg State University
Ph.D. Ecology, Evolution and Systematics, 2003, Saint Louis University

Courses Taught

FISH 310 - Ichthyology
FISH 380 - Techniques in Fisheries Biology
FISH 474 - Conservation Genetics of Fish and Wildlife

Current Graduate Students

Name Thesis
Gavin B. Bandy
Dylan J. Keel


Martel, C., M. Sutter, R. Dorazio, and A.P. Kinziger.  Early View.  Using environmental DNA and occupancy modeling to estimate rangewide metapopulation dynamics.  Molecular Ecology [article]

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