Eric Bjorkstedt, Ph.D.

Dr. Eric Bjorkstedt
(707) 826-3688
Telonicher Marine Laboratory, Rm 116A

Current Research Interests

As a fisheries oceanographer, I conduct research to understand how ocean dynamics and biological processes generate structure and variability in marine populations and ecosystems, with the goal of translating insights from this work into effective conservation and management of marine fisheries in a changing ocean. Much of my work focuses on oceanographic and ecological factors that influence ecosystem productivity in the California Current and recruitment (i.e., growth and survival of early life history stages) in rockfishes and salmon. My research program integrates observations and samples from ship-based ocean surveys, laboratory analysis and experiments, remote sensing, fisheries data, and a variety of quantitative modeling approaches.


Honors B.A. Biological Sciences and English, 1992, University of Delaware
Ph.D. Biological Sciences, 1998, Stanford University

Courses Taught

FISH 478/578 Fisheries Oceanography


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